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SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan
A Healthy Glow on the Go...

Old Tappan is lucky to have Old Tappan Mobile Spray Tan Service; available whenever and wherever! We are extremely popular with men and women of all ages; a healthy Tan is viewed as most desirable all over! And, the preferred provider is SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan, of course! We are a leader in healthy Spray Tanning. We offer Sessions in a safe, comfortable setting, in your home. SunKissed serves clients outstandingly.

Certified Airbrush Technicians in Old Tappan with Spray Tan experience, and using a modern air compressor/airbrush delivery system, which gently and evenly applies our specially formulated tanning solution, are who we send to you when you wisely choose us! We offer you options; we customize and strive to give you the exact color of your choice. Results are visible immediately; the perfect SunKissed look, in less than 30 minutes! It is advisable to let the solution sit on your skin for 6-8 hours before showering, to ensure that you get the darkest level Tan. Shower with a clear body wash. We give details on preparing for Tan Sessions, and on after Tan care.

So, now you are privy to what was once upon a time, the best kept secret in Old Tappan; our Spray Tan that bestows upon you, the Celebrity look you always dream of! Our SunKissed Spray Tan not only looks flawless on you, it also disguises the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and other imperfections too! Our sunless tanning solutions contain skin-firming copper technology, caffeine, vitamins and an anti-aging formula leaving your skin silky smooth, glowing, with a healthy even skin tone. Best of all, you never have to expose yourself to the dangerous side effects of prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun. How cool is that! Trust our skills and our love of beauty; book now!

As experts on Healthy Sunless Old Tappan Spray Tan Service and Skin Care, we are delighted to engage you in conversation and an exchange of views, on our excellent, innovative method, and general approach to rewarding Old Tappan Spray Tan sessions in the comfort of your home. Our Clients are satisfied with the outcome and cannot help but repeat the remarks made as they step out into shops and attend social functions: "So, you just got back from an exotic holiday!", "What a fabulous flawless Tan", and of course, "I want to date you now!" Not to mention how a healthy Tan can re-ignite love in a relationship that may be flopping, if not totally withered. We know you are about to book us!