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SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan
A Healthy Glow on the Go...

We offer you a great experience with our mobile Spray Tan in North Salem. It is a healthy alternative to sunbathing. SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan employs certified technicians will come to you, wherever you are, whether in your hotel, home or office, and will give you a custom-designed, naturally glowing tan.

Be confident about our mobile Spray Tan in North Salem. It is very safe. Compared to conventional tanning methods, our system is far better, and does not damage your skin. Our sunless tanning solution is made of a skin-firming copper technology, with caffeine, vitamins and an outstanding anti-aging formula. When applied it gives you a natural tan. Goodbye to any unsightly cellulite, stretch marks, eczema and other imperfections.

We will show you how to prepare for a tanning session and how to care your tan so that it lasts you a long time. We are pleased that you are choosing the healthy option; sunless tanning. There is nothing more attractive than healthy glowing skin. Choose your clothing carefully for your tanning session. Bathing suits, boxers, shorts are ideal. Our specialists use their utmost discretion at all times. After a spray tan in North Salem, wear dark loose clothing, sandals. Our tanning solutions are all water-soluble so your clothing will not be affected. Allow 6-8 hours, before you shower.

 Our post tan instructions, if followed, will help you to keep your tan longer. Avoid scrubbing your skin with roughly, after tanning, as it will cause your tan to fade away fast. Use a clear shower gel when bathing. In drying your skin just simply pat it dry. Never rub it in. Avoid moisturizing with oils. Keep on enjoying your tan! You have made the right decision in choosing us!

Whether it is for your wedding day, birthday, competition, prom or any other event, trust SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan to give you the perfect hint of color for your special day.