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SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan
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Our mobile spray tan Northvale is the talk of the town. We, SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan, have earned ourselves a great reputation over the years for our impeccable tanning services. We provide radiant, natural-looking spray tans, and educate our clients on healthier and safer sun bathing alternatives.

Clients who use our spray tan in Northvale have proven it as safe, UV-free, and actually beneficial to their skin. We use a sunless tanning solution which contains skin-firming copper technology, caffeine, vitamins and even an anti-aging formula, all of which combine and integrate well, and can be easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a very healthy glow which fades just like a ‘real’ tan.

In case you are wondering how long your spray tan in Northvale will last, we can tell you clearly. It will last for 10 days. It will gradually fade over time. The length of your tan depends a lot on your skin care routine. The more you moisturize your skin, the longer your tan lasts. Each tanning session lasts about 20-30 minutes. This period includes the time to set up our pop up tent and pack up and leave. We never leave a mess behind! The actual spraying lasts 10 minutes. In preparing for a session for a spray tan in Northvale, be sure to use an oil-free exfoliator and slough off dead skin from your body.

What you wear in tanning sessions is important. Bathing suits, boxers, shorts are ideal. Our specialists use their utmost discretion during sessions. After a spray tan in Northvale, wear dark loose clothing, sandals. Our tanning solutions are water-soluble so your clothing will not stain. Allow 6-8 hours, before you shower. Our post tan instructions, if followed, will help you to keep your tan longer. You should avoid scrubbing your skin with a loofa or cloths, after tanning.

Whether it is for your wedding day, birthday, competition, prom or any other event, trust SunKissed Mobile Airbrush Tan to give you the perfect hint of color for your special day.